Whistler Woodcraft

I follow the philosophy of the Arts & Crafts Movement and eschew mass-produced goods, instead preferring to celebrate beautiful decorative items and furniture made by hand from quality raw materials. My connections with local wineries, landowners, sawyers and farmers allow me to access woods that are unavailable to the general public or even other woodworkers. I have very high production standards and use only the best raw materials, hardware and finishes.

My key differentiation is that most of my raw materials are hyper-local to Ontario, and I process many from tree to table. In many cases, I go into the orchards to cut down a tree, rough-cut the wood at my shop, dry it in my own home-built kiln, and then create and finish the final product. Where I cannot source my own raw materials I work with local suppliers to purchase materials like large live-edge slabs or rare wood like ambrosia maple and tap maple. I am certified by Ontario Wood (Government of Ontario MNR) as using Ontario wood in all my products.

Wally Kowal – (Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON)