The Turning Point

As past Research Director at the Canadian Forest Service laboratory in Sault Ste Marie, I have a strong belief in utilizing the full potential of natural materials. I make as many products from one piece of wood as is possible. Any wood that I cannot use helps to heat my shop, and shavings and wood chips are used as mulch in my gardens or are returned to the woodlot.

I focus my woodturning and woodworking to highlight the natural beauty of woods that are primarily native to Ontario. I make one of a kind functional and artistic creations. Woods are chosen with preference given to burled material, unique grain patterns and the natural designs caused by wood decay fungi, referred to as spalting. More recently, I have added band sawn puzzle boxes to my product line as well as unique coloured bowls and platters as well as composite bowls and serving boards made from wood pieces and epoxy resin. Each piece is a statement of nature’s design.

Errol Caldwell – (Echo Bay, ON)