Tread Lightly

I am an “upcyclist” having discovered the pleasure of upcycling (taking something old and used and making it something new, and better), by repurposing wool, sweaters, leather, tee-shirts and fabric clothes, found lurking in the darkest corners of the thrift store, or rummage sale.

Lonely, unloved and abandoned! these thrift store rejects are my treasures, just waiting to be reinvented into something new, and in turn diverting waste and lessening the environmental impact on our earth. Hence the name “Tread Lightly”. I make mittens, bags, neckwarmers, headbands and hats. Infinity scarves, brooches, cushions and much more besides; and everything has been something else in a former life!

Angie Parkins – (Landsdowne, ON)