Terra Axxessories

I was born and raised in Mexico City, where I completed my Business degree at the University of Mexico and started working in the Banking Industry, but I always had a passion for design coming from an Artisan family for generations. After I moved to Puerto Vallarta, I met my husband, got married and immigrated to Canada and started my new life and follow my dream…

My design/crafting venture began in my artisan’s workshop in Campbellville, Ontario in 2003, now is a family business my husband and 2 full time employees help me with all the process, I pride myself in working with quality sustainable, vintage and organic eco-friendly products to recycle and produce my personally designed textiles mixing natural fabrics with contemporary elements. I love working with rare textures to make the “difference” in my creations. My goal is to create organic – recycled products that are useful in everyday life.

Maria G. Cervantes – (Campbellville, ON)