After many years in the corporate world running restaurants, the last fourteen of them having been spent as a General Manager of Keg Restaurants; I recently decided to give my passion for creating things a chance to flourish, and stepped away from corporate life. Since July of 2014, I have been working full time making pendants/jewelry from re-purposed, recycled antique silver and silver plate spoons. My pieces are one of a kind, each one being lovingly created to mirror or enhance the beauty of the flatware which is at its core. Every spoon within my collection tells a unique story. They are romantic, rare and effortlessly alluring. It is within these unique pieces that we are able to re-purpose our memories and hold onto the artistry of days gone by. With so many of the spoons being stunning works of art all on their own, I delight in being able to enhance that beauty. In the end, I appreciate the opportunity to work for myself and find freedom and expression through the creation of these beautiful pendants!

Caroline Toth – (Brampton, ON)