Rebecca Maracle

My art line is meant to be a sellable awareness about First Nations culture, traditions, and beliefs. Within the explanations I give, and on occasion and depending on the openness of an individual, my artwork has the ability to help, change, or heal a persons awareness. A flipping over a coin if you will, to understand the other side of things. That it is not just about what you see, but what you feel. It is about whole healing/awareness made to or about your body-mind-spirit.

I am Mohawk Bear Clan, known as the medicine people. I am a fourth generation traditional feather artist. My Mohawk name is Karakwine, which means ‘she brings the light’. I incorporate our old ways of medicine into the healing art pieces I create. I work from my home like the generations before me. Medicine is matrilineal – passed down through the line of my grandmothers. My entire process is done by my hands – from plucking the birds to designing and completing the artwork.

Rebecca Maracle – (Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory, Deseronto, ON)