Peta Bailey

My one-of-a-kind, handcrafted books celebrate plants and the beautiful places they grow – gardens, farms, fields, parks and forests. Each book I make has its own unique sense of place. I love the seasonal cycle of creating. I cultivate, harvest and make prints during the spring, summer and autumn. The cold, grey days of winter lend themselves to the meditative processes of paper folding and binding.

To create the one-of-a-kind covers for my handcrafted books, I capture the natural dyes and pigments in plants on paper or cloth, a process called ecoprinting or botanical contact printing. I choose the very best prints for my book covers, which I treat with a special starch to make them more durable and give them a pleasing leather-like texture. I bind all of my books by hand using waxed linen thread. I use quality acid-free paper for the inside pages.

Peta Bailey – (Kingston, ON)