Mena Dragonfly

Mena Dragonfly is the work of ceramicist Melanie Mena. I make functional ceramics that are designed to enhance every day life. Mugs you wrap your hands around, the vase you always think of when you see orange tulips, or those mini bowls you love to use on sushi night.

In 2000 I began taking wheel throwing classes at a community centre in Vancouver, BC. I was hooked on wheel throwing from the start and I continued to take workshops for four years just to get time at the wheel. Then I moved to an arts oriented building with a ceramics studio as part of the amenities. I continued to practice my hobby; learn on my own in my spare time while I worked full time as a project manager.

Making pottery was my passion. I daydreamed about spending the day at my wheel while I spent my days at a desk. Then in 2010 I made the leap, I became a full time artist and opened Mena Dragonfly. Nothing makes me happier than hearing how the pieces I made are being used and enjoyed.

Melanie Mena – (Picton, ON)