Armstrong Glassworks

I have always been drawn to glass, its fragile strength. Knowing that what I make will endure through generations inspires me to create my best work.

In 1994 I created my own studio. Since that time, I’ve devoted myself to exploring new designs and challenging the form and materials in different directions.

Interestingly, I recently discovered that two of my ancestors were glassblowers from the mid 1800’s, glassblowing seems to be in my blood. It has its own rhythm; the fire, the smoke, the sweat, the process is quite magical.

Glass captivates all the senses with a multitude of colours, its texture and shape, the weight of the glass. Glass responds to you; it will warm in your hand and can create its own sound.

From a large bowl to a small, precise paperweight, hand-blown glass is an art form that combines utility with beauty. With each piece, I strive to create something functional, well-made and unique. I strive to make glass with simple elegance.

Mark Armstrong – (Wellington, ON)