Frantic Farms

I encountered Venetian glass blowing technique in the woods of northern Washington State. In 1987, there was a reclusive, camp-like school setting called Philchuck where artists from around the world gathered to teach and share.
The techniques were centuries old. However, I was born into the era of Looney Toons and Hanna Barbera. I was intrigued by the traditional techniques but my heart lived in a cartoon. I realized that even the most formal gatherings improved with laughter. The notion that fun and whimsy did not have to be exclusive of elegance and precision has driven my work to this day.
As glass making in history grew from the creation of functional containers, I try to honour tradition by making designs that are functional whenever possible. Most recently I’ve look at Funerary Urns, Jugs and Cups for celebrating the rituals of life.

Paulus Tjiang – (Warkworth, ON)