Emerson Pringle

I regard my cutting boards as functional works of art. I love being able to make something beautiful that people can use daily and make a physical connection with. The design of my boards incorporates lines, contrasts and a contemporary feel. They have a look that is distinctly my own. I do this by starting with the rough lumber. I look for wood with specific traits because I always want the boards to show off the best figure and colour. I cut and laminate them in designs that show the wood in its best light. In our fast paced age of disposable and digital everything, it’s very important to me to make something that urges people to slow down. My hope is that when people see my boards they see the time, care and skill that it took to produce it. I hope they reflect on and appreciate what it takes to make something of value and beauty, and remember that quality is something to cherish and hold onto.

Emerson Pringle – (Picton, ON)