Clayshapes Pottery

I was a journalist and television producer in Toronto for 30 years before taking up ceramics on a whim. I took a night course at the Gardiner Museum, and was so smitten, I eventually quit my day job and created a studio in my home.
I have been creating ceramics full time for 5 years. All of my pieces are “slab” built and I create decorative surfaces using a variety of texturing tools to develop unique patterns. Lace, stamps and found objects, like leaves, seashells and coral are some of the tools I use to create one of a kind designs on my work. I also create unusual organic shapes for my pieces by creating molds from pumpkins, squash and other farm stand finds.
Though all of my pieces are completely functional – none of them are perfectly factory round or square. Each handmade piece has its small quirks – a signature of the process. I think it’s safe to say you will never mistake my work for something that was made in a factory. Each piece has a distinctly handmade look and feel.

Leslie Fruman – (Toronto, ON)