Bernadette Pratt Ceramics

Through my work, I investigate traditional methods in ceramics and combine these with aspects of the natural world. It is the calm and chaos of nature that I find stimulating. This seems to reflect the calm and chaos of my own personality, and indeed my own life. In my work, the challenge is to integrate these two opposite elements, so that each has equal importance in order to allow the union to convey harmony.

Born in Germany, I later moved to Holland, Norway and the UK where I earned her Honors Degree in Ceramics at Camberwell College of Art and Design (London). I subsequently immigrated to Canada and currently work from my studio in London, Ontario.

Several feature articles about my work can be found in Ceramic Review, Chaos and Calm, and Coloring Clay by Jo Connell, published by A&C. I also organized, facilitated and co-curated Tags on Cups, featuring 40 Toronto-based graffiti artists at the Black Cat Gallery in Toronto. I have also been the recipient of numerous awards and grants; most recently a grant from Craft Ontario to participate in the Muscle Memory Symposium in Kecskemét, Hungary. Closer to home, my work has been carried by Jonathon Bancroft-Snell Gallery since 2001.

M. Bernadette Pratt – (London, ON)