Basket Case

Fabric Pottery! I begin with bare rope and then wrap it with about an inch strip of fabric. I begin the coil at the bottom and build up from there sewing the coil together with a zig zag stitch. It is an very organic process as the shape and size evolve after I begin. Each piece is unique. I like to finish off with buttons, leather, handmade glass beads or by twisting the cording into knots and curls and loops! The finishing is all stitched by hand. I recycle used horse reins and tack for the handles on the larger pieces giving a sometimes rustic and weathered look. I also dye some of the leather to match different colours in the baskets. Funky lids on some pieces add a certain amount of whimsy! I also do large flat coils in several sizes, which I originally purposed for table tops, but they have also been purchased as rugs and to hang on the wall as pieces of art!

Ruth Houtby – St Catherine’s, ON